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It Is All About Alignment


Today, more than ever, long-term lasting professional relationships start first by determining if there is alignment. Once alignment is established, it is all about value and service.


ü  First, we have not met a professional Life Coach yet that does not agree that a Life Coach must have a genuine and accurate understanding of the DNA of the person they are coaching.  Our proprietary MERIT Profile™ provides a detailed and accurate look at a person's character and behavioral DNA. 
ü    Second, for people to truly live a life of success and significance they need to be equipped with life principles that have been researched, tested and validated over a sustained period of time. Our proprietary MAXIMIZERS™ principles have impacted thousands of people's lives (personally and professionally) around the world since 1996 (in over 50 countries). The MAXIMIZERS are 10 core character-based competencies that are the cornerstone foundation to the MERIT Profile.
ü  Third, for a person's life to truly change and transform they need to learn how to evaluate their own Attitudes - Beliefs and Commitments which are identified within the MERIT Profile.  Once a person can better understand their strengths and weaknesses, they then need to have a support learning process, tools and a professional Life Coach to help maximize their passion... (P.E.G.).
Equipping You As A Professional Life Coach
Future Achievement International has created a "Life Coach Tool Kit" and several cost-effective "life coach support learning materials" to enable you as a professional Life Coach to have a transformational impact on your clients.  By investing in the following "Life Coach Tool Kit" you will be equipped to help enhance the value of your professional coaching and client experience.
þ  Life Coach Tool Kit (Total Value: $795.00) Investment:  $495.00


§  MERIT Profile (Character and Behavior Assessment) (Value: $125.00)

The MERIT Profile Development Report has been created to help individuals live a life of impact and significance.  In an easy-to-read, 13-page format, the Development Report provides you with a clear picture and insights of your 10 character competencies and 4 behavioral traits. This report, combined with the Life*Action Plan, can be used as a roadmap to help your clients establish new goals and objectives, personally and professionally. 

§  Achieving Authentic Success Book® (160-page paperback) (Value: $15.00)

In the book Achieving Authentic Success by Dr. Ron Jenson, America's "Life Coach" helps you articulate and pursue a definition of success that takes into account the whole person, allowing you to lead a balanced, fulfilled, and significant life rooted in timeless universal principles. (The 160-page book has been endorsed by Ken Blanchard, Elizabeth Dole and many other leaders).
Click here to read an excerpt of Achieving Authentic Success.

§  Achieving Authentic Success CDs (Value: $60.00)

Dr. Ron Jenson shares over six hours of his valuable insights and wisdom in this 6-CD Achieving Authentic Success series. Each MAXIMIZERS™ principle is unpacked to help you maximize your personal and professional opportunities so you can live a life of significance and impact. Click here to review the CD content.

§  Life*Time Operating SystemStudy Guide (Value: $35.00)


A learning process is provided that helps people, young and old alike, achieve authentic success by developing a proper perspective around their personal Attitudes, Beliefs and Commitments in life. The principles taught are Dr. Ron Jenson's proprietary MAXIMIZERS principles. These principles, along with their application in seven core areas of life, will provide a person with a "Life*Time Operating System" for personal and professional growth. (172-pages)

§  Life*Action Plan (Value: $25.00)

Take the insights you've gained from the MERIT Profile and Achieving Authentic Success book and make them real with help from the Life*Action Plan, which will help you create a plan for your personal life and professional career, by developing action steps with a timeline, to help assess and validate your progress. This tool is an excellent resource to help someone that might be at a crossroads in his or her professional career.

þ  Life Coach Support Learning Materials
Included within your investment for the Life Coach Tool Kit you are provided access to the following pre-recorded webinars (20-30 minutes each) and related reference documents and exercises.  In addition, a MERIT Profile Development Report tutorial reference document describing each report component is included.

Session 1: MAXIMIZERS™ Principles - Part 1

                 - DNA of Human Capital

                 - Attitude Principles Overview


Session 2: MAXIMIZERS™ Principles - Part 2

                 - Belief Principles Overview

                 - Commitment Principles Overview


Session 3: MAXIMIZERS™ Principles - Part 3

                 - Commitment Principles Overview (continued)

                 - Life Time Operating System


Session 4: Behavioral Traits Overview

                 - Relationship for each behavioral trait

                 - Overview of each trait


Session 5: MERIT Profile Components

                 - How the MERIT Profile was designed

                 - Report Components

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þ     Added Bonus Item
MERIT Profile Secured Account
As part of your $495 investment, you are provided with your own MERIT Profile Account, which enables you to issue MERIT Profiles, 24/7 on-line, in a secured web-based environment.
Each MERIT Profile issued to your client will have your Company Name and Client Name on the front cover. 

Life Coach Tool Kit
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The Opportunity To Engage Your Client

Once you have purchased your Life Coach Tool Kit and reviewed/studied all of the learning materials, you will be prepared to begin the coaching process.  It is strongly recommended that each of your coaching clients purchase the following Life Coaching Materials so you as their coach can begin coaching/mentoring them through a life transformation process.


þ  Life Coaching Materials (Total Value: $260.00)

    Investment:  $150.00 (Paid by each coaching client)


§   MERIT Profile™ Development Report (13-pages) (Value: $125.00)

§   Achieving Authentic Success Book (160-page paperback) (Value: $15.00)

§   Achieving Authentic Success CDs (Value: $60.00)

§   Life*Time Operating System™ Study Guide (Value: $35.00)

§   Life*Action Plan™ (Value: $25.00)


ü  Special Note: As a Life Coach, you can increase the price of the coaching materials to your coaching clients and/or simply pass the cost to the client and charge for your coaching hours.


ü  Coaching Materials Ordering Process

Once you have purchased your Life Coach Tool Kit you will be provided with a discount code to purchase the Life Coaching Materials for your clients at a special coach's rate.
Closing Comments

Ü  Life Transformation Though the Help of a Professional Coach
By each of your coaching clients having their own personal MERIT Profile, you will be able to identify their character and behavior strengths and weaknesses, which will lead to valuable coaching insights that can be shared and implemented over a sustained period of time. 

§        By each of your coaching clients having a copy their own learning tools (i.e. book, CDs, study guide and Life*Action Plan) they will be well equipped to put to action (with your coaching guidance) a viable and meaningful strategy that will help build new habits and to set new goals toward achieving their predetermined goals and objectives.


§        We recommend that each of your coaching clients retake a MERIT Profile at least on an annualized basis.  Like a health inspection, it is important to do an annualized check-up.  A person's attitudes, beliefs and commitments can change when they having changing circumstances in their life (i.e. heath related issues, financial challenges, relationship fracture, career challenges, etc.).  The MERIT Profile helps to reveal changes whereby a professional Life Coach can help to coach and guide people back to a more stabilized foundation.


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