Developing Authentic Leaders™ Train-The-Trainer

Thank you for your interest in our Developing Authentic Leaders Train-The-Trainer program. Our team is comprised of business professionals that respect your time, investment and focus.  We believe alignment is critical for all parties and therefore want to express right up front that our intention is not to sell you something you do not need.


If you feel there is a "fit" for what you are trying to accomplish, regarding your leadership development initiatives, then our team is here to educate and support you in and appropriate manner. If you feel there is not a good fit, we wish you and your organization great success.


Raising The Bar For Personal Leadership Effectiveness

The training marketplace is cluttered with training organizations that have "so-called" secrets to help organizations like yours empower their people to achieve certain specific business results. For an organization to succeed we believe and are convinced that its leadership and employees must be maximizing their Personal Leadership Effectiveness, which is the vital factor that drives performance, productivity, team efficiency and bottom-line results.
Although there are some excellent programs and products in the marketplace, our research findings clearly show that there is a SIGNIFICANT fundamental void that is not being filled.
To truly empower people it is imperative to first and foremost have an assessment and learning process that focuses upon a person's character competencies and behavioral traits.  The standard leadership and coaching programs being invested in, by thousands of organizations, are what we refer to as an "Outside-In Learning Model."

This type learning model does not address or focus, first and foremost, on a person's character and behavioral DNA,which is the foundation to an individual's Personal Leadership Effectiveness.  The majority focus on a program in a box, a certain teaching style process, a specific product or in many cases a high-profiled personality that is charming and motivating. Although most training programs do provide some value, today more than ever organizations need to maximize their shrinking training dollars while at the same time empower their people to high performance and productivity. 

It's All About Enhancing Personal Leadership Effectiveness

  • Research is clear that if a person is having difficulties and personal challenges at home or in the workplace, it has a significant impact on their professional performance and productivity.

  • Therefore, until a person is working at an efficient "personal operating level" other leadership and coaching programs will simply add to the confusion and lack of performance that could be achieved.

Personal Leadership Effectiveness = Organizational Effectiveness!

Cost-Effective Due Diligence


The following documents provide you with valuable information to make a decision if you should participate in our Developing Authentic Leaders™ Train-The-Trainer program.

Empowering A Performance-Based Workforce.  This document will help you determine if you agree and align with Future Achievement International's learning methodologies, regarding the enhancement of performance and productivity. 


Character Preview Package.   It is critical for any size of organization (whether they are on Main Street or Wall Street), to have a cost-effective, viable process to assess and evaluate the character competencies and behavioral traits of new hires and current employees. The true reality in business today is that a person's character and behavior do have a "positive" or "negative" impact on the bottom-line results and culture of any organization!


As part of your due diligence process it is recommended that you invest in a Character Preview Package.

Certification Training.  If you would like to inquire about participating in our MERIT Training On-Line Certification, please click on the following link and complete the inquiry form.  Upon receipt you will be contacted and provided all of the training details.

Client Testimonials

"This life-changing program will enable organizations to develop authentic leaders at every level. This system has enabled me to have laser-sharp focus on my mission and has challenged me to practice the right habits that yield the greatest return."

                                                                                                       -  Simon Bailey, Disney Learning Institute

"Our company mission and culture depends substantially on our ability to foster and reward a common language around strong character.  This Character-Driven Leadership program has given our 250 Managers the tracks to run on in terms of their personal and professional growth. It has also equipped them with the tools to mentor our employees and leverage this positive character-focus into a competitive advantage."
                                                                      - Steve Thorne, Chairman, CEO/President
 Pacific Dental Services



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