Maxie Carpenter

Maxie Carpenter joined the Future Achievement International team because he believes the Maximizing Workforce Contribution (MWC) and Personal Leadership Effectiveness (PLE) value propositions are unique, compelling and extremely relevant. Maxie recognizes the need for PLE in enterprise-size businesses and also in non-profit organizations. Mr. Carpenter's role with FAI focuses on the non-profit sector and on introducing our PLE/MWC value propositions to enterprise-size business relationships.

Maxie is currently the Chief Operations Officer of a large non-profit organization in Northwest Arkansas, and the Board Chairperson for the Arkansas Non Profit Alliance. With a highly-developed understanding of organizational leadership development and ethics, Maxie's heart is to join forces with other authentic, character-based leaders that are passionate about delivering FAI's proprietary, character-based solutions to a global marketplace desperately in need of a new paradigm for Human Capital development.

Mr. Carpenter has published articles and books on various topics including communication, managing difficult people and leading change. Maxie Carpenter holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a Human Resources emphasis from Warren National University in Cheyenne Wyoming.